T.C. Hazzard's Web Portal
Freeport, Maine

Below are various web sites I maintain:

Raw Endurance. Raw Superfoods which help maintain the highest level of health and can dramtically increase one's athletic performance.

Climate Change/Sustainability. Information to help individuals and businesses work toward a sustainble future. This site is also home to a blog I use to re-post news related to climate change and sustainability.

Quest Velomobile (recumbent trike). The Quest is made by Velomobiel.nl and is basically an enclosed recumbent trike.

Data from my weather station.. I use a Davis Vantage2 weather station to collect weather data, which is uploaded to the Weather Underground and NOAA via the Citizens Weather Observation Project.

2005 Prius ("Luna"). Fuel economy data for my 2005 Toyota Prius.

Online hot list. A list of web site links I have collected over the years. Note that some links may no longer be valid as I do not maintain this site as much as I used to.

Email: tc@hazzard.org